Half Day Lake Climbing and Kayaking

Make a Boat Your Floating Basecamp While You Climb at Summersville lake

Challenging and unique!

Summersville Lake offers beautiful scenery, relaxing days and uncommon adventures. A day at the lake is almost like traveling to some exotic locale with the soft breeze and pristine blue water. This is a multi-sport adventure that combines rock climbing and kayaking for a complete experience guaranteed to lift your spirit in a wildly surreal environment! 

This trip is offered as a 1/2-day or full-day trip for guests with a good thirst for adventure. You'll cruise to different locations aboard our pontoon boat. Once you reach each destination, you'll clip in and climb on or climb in and paddle on! 

Rock climbing in West Virginia doesn't get much better that this. Beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers will find enough challenges to keep entertained and plenty of fun to make this day memorable. And of course, Summersville Lake is one of the largest lakes in the East. With over 2800 acres of lake to explore by kayak, you'll never run out of remote coves. Learn the basics of sea kayaking on this trip with our sit-on-tops, and be off on your own adventures.

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$119 - $129

Rock Climbing is a physically demanding sport, even at its easiest. Though we have access to climbing routes the tops of which most people can reach, it isn't always easy. Add to this the height, and you get an activity that is as challenging as it is thrilling. Put the water and a pontoon boat under you, and you get an experience that few people will ever get to enjoy!

What should I bring?
Comfortable shoes (flip flops are allowed on this trip!), a long sleeve shirt or jacket (for cooler days), shorts or a swimsuit depending on the weather report, rain gear for rainy or windy days, sunglasses (with neck strap), sunscreen, insect repellant (spring through fall), drinking water and a small backpack or fanny pack (optional).

What does Class VI provide?
We provide certified instructors, of course, but also the equipment you'll need to climb, such as climbing shoes, which are for climbing only, helmets, harnesses, hardware and ropes.

How many people can you take in one group?
We can take 6 guests per boat, and we have 2 boats. We can't go over that number, because of limited space.