Half-Day Kayak Sampler

Learn the ABCs of Whitewater Kayaking on the New River

Fun and exploratory!

So, you think you want to try whitewater kayaking, but you'd like to maybe just dip a toe in first? Then this Rolling Waters Kayak School trip is for you.

West Virginia's New River has some of the best kayaking in the eastern United States. We offer beginner and intermediate lessons for those who want to experience the thrill of kayaking these world-class rapids.

Experienced kayakers know that you don't ride in a kayak. You wear one, as you might a pair of skis. The boat must become an extension of your body, not just a tool. This half day introduction covers the very basics of whitewater kayaking, such as the initial paddle strokes, how to exit your boat should you flip and some basic boat-control tips. It's a great introduction to help you decide if you'd like to explore this exciting sport further.

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Fall, Summer


$84 - $89

How much whitewater will I paddle on the Sampler?
That depends partly on you. If you progress quickly, you might spend much of this session in easy, class-I moving water and maybe even experience a brief foray into class II, which has bigger waves. This is the "Sampler," after all, and we want you to get a taste of the real stuff!

What does Class VI's Rolling Waters Kayak School provide?
Of course we provide instruction at a 1:3 instructor-to-student ratio and transportation to the river. We also provide all the boating equipment you'll need.

What do I need to bring?
Dress for the weather! You should wear a swimsuit and shorts at the very minimum, and bring more if the weather is going to be cooler. You will get wet in this class, so keep that in mind when you pick your clothes. Synthetic material works best. We also recommend a raincoat if the weather looks like it might go that direction—even when wet, the coat will help you stay warm. Also, bring sunscreen and sun glasses. In the spring and fall, consider renting a wetsuit and splash jacket.