Spring & Summer Gauley

The Spring Gauley Is the Wildest White Water Rafting Trip We Can Give You

Simply unbelievable.

So, you think the fall Upper Gauley is the ultimate whitewater trip? Well, we're happy to tell that you're wrong. Though river flows can't be guaranteed this time of year, when the Gauley is running at typical spring levels, both the Upper and Lower are better than the Upper in fall. And surprise! The Lower Gauley at that level is the absolute best. that level is often much higher than during the standard fall releases, and when this happens… well… just imagine Canyon Doors, Heaven’s Gates and Pure Screaming Hell at 3 times the regular water flow!

Our guides at Class VI loves these Gauley River rafting trips in the spring and summer because of their ever-changing spontaneous nature. We never really know until the morning of our trip what the river has in store for us. We will always choose the most fun combination of boat sizes and river sections to give you a unique Gauley rafting experience. All you need to do is come with an open-mind, a sense of adventure and the desire to try something so intense, you might be forever changed by the experience.

This is the Spring Gauley. It is adventure incarnate. It is loud and proud and devoid of crowds. 

Prices do not include tax and fees. Prices vary by day of the week.

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$129 - $159

Here's how we choose which section we'll run. If the Upper Gauley is running around the same level as in the fall or up to almost twice that size, we'll run it. If it's much bigger than that, well, the Upper gets to be a bit too much, even for us. In that case, we'll raft the Lower Gauley. If you think that would be a let down, think again. The Lower Gauley at 3 times fall level is the trip that will make even the most seasoned rafter gasp for joy!

What type of river is the Gauley?
At most times of year lot depends on which section we're on and what the water level is, but regardless, you can expect one of the wildest rides of your life on the Gauley River in the spring. Both sections of the Gauley have multiple class-V rapids, but they don't call the Upper Gauley the Beast of East for nothing. You can expect tight, technical maneuvering, big waves, hard hits and a real adventure in every sense of the word. If the water level is high, expect a lot of action, a lot of huge hits and a lot of technical maneuvering. At low water, you can expect a lot of must-make moves and turns and super steep drops.

What does Class VI provide?
We provide transportation to and from the river, all rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle & boat), professional guides in each raft and lunch alongside the river.

How much time do we spend on the water?
The total trip is 1 very full day from the time you leave base camp until you return. We spend most of that time on the water, but a total of 1-1.5 hours is spent commuting to and from the river. 

How big are the boats?
Our standard rafts are 15 feet long and can comfortably seat 8-9 guests and a guide. Of course, it's also possible that we'll be in duckies (1 or 2-person inflatable kayaks) or in high-adventure, team-extreme rafts.

What else might we need?
You should bring any medication you need throughout the day, plus sunscreen, sun glasses and if the weather is a little nippy, a dry layer to put on after the trip. (Your guide will be able to put it into a dry bag.) If necessary, we also rent wetsuits and paddle jackets. Via our partnership with Whitewater Photography, we also sell photos of you in the rapids. Our video boaters also accompany most trips and we offer DVDs of your experience for an extra charge. To ensure you get a video, you can pre-order one with your reservation.