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Company Culture

Class VI 10 and 20 Year Staff
Ten- and twenty-year employees in their celebratory staff jackets.

Class VI merges with Mountain River and Rivermen

We welcome the staff and guests of The Rivermen and Mountain River to the Class VI family! This merger is an ideal blend of three companies who share personal friendships, similar core values and a rich legacy of industry leadership. This is especially exciting news as it will allow us to transform from great companies into a premier adventure resort destination, with all the bells and whistles!  Master plans are in the works to include more on-site lodging; build ropes & paintball courses; expand the Adventure Center; add a pool or two; and create lots more fun stuff to do! As always, we remain committed to keeping our guests and our staff at the center of our culture as we grow.

Striving for Quality for more than 30 years

Prior to starting Class VI River Runners, we were adventurers just like you. To help subsidize our adventures, we began guiding for other outfitters. It was then that we started honing our vision of the company we would like to start. We learned that if we listened to people, really listened to what they thought and what they wanted, that we would have a better idea of how to deliver the BEST possible raft trip. We realized that what we wanted to give our guests was not just a fun trip down the river, but a lasting experience, one based on fun and friendship and the amazingly restorative powers of nature. With that in mind, we started Class VI. With a laser focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have been methodically analyzing and tweaking every facet of our business ever since.

We believe we have gotten it just right! According to our customer comment cards, 99.8% of our guests agree. We are still working to satisfy that last .2%. Remember, we are the only rafting company that guarantees satisfaction. If you have a problem we will work with you until you are satisfied because we want you to come back!

Our range of offerings has expanded to include a full menu of adventure activities to complement your rafting experience— all delivered to you with the same attention to quality and safety.

Time is one of our most precious commodities. None of us has enough of it. We understand this and we take it seriously. Just like you, we know that you want a good return on your investment dollar; you expect the same from your vacation dollar. Our goal is to deliver that return by sending you home with an experience that not only has enriched your life, but has, in some small way, changed it.