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Our Outfitting Legacy

The men behind Class VI- Mountain River on the New River Gorge WV.  

Our Founding Fathers

A 2008 merger brought premier outfitters Class VI River Runners and Mountain River Tours together. 

Doug Proctor, Jeff Proctor, Paul Breuer and Dave Arnold.

It all began with a canoe trip in Canada, 1970.

Dave, Jeff, Doug and Paul (all Ohio natives) met each other on a 550 mile river trip in Canada in 1970 when they were teenagers.  They all fell in love with the remote, wilderness adventure they were on and their minds quickly turned to thoughts of learning to kayak, guide and eventually - outfitting. 

Paul formed Mountain River Tours, the second commercial outfitter in West Virginia in 1973.  Dave, Jeff and Doug formed Class VI River Runners in 1978.  In 2008, the two companies merged together and the circle was complete.


It is not a chicken and egg situation.  We know what came first:  THE RIVER.  The river, or call it nature if you want the big umbrella term, came first. We like to be outside. The amazing New River, the burly Gauley River…we came, we saw, we responded.