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Paintball at the New River Gorge West Virginia

Strategic gaming in real life - Challenge your friends, schoolmates, co-workers, or your raft guide to a paintball match at the New River Gorge.

Ambush WV Paintball Strategy Game

Paintball Strategy Game Player in Proper GearThe New River Gorge area has a four-acre paintball course, Ambush WV. Top-notch terrain, including two fields. Plus paintball guns, equipment and more!

Perfect for weekend fun, corporate teambuilding, bachelor and birthday parties and located minutes from Class VI - Mountain River, Ambush WV's fast paced, exciting paintball & speedball games are one more reason to vacation with us! Open Year Round!

Ambush WV offers two battlefields. The woodland paintball field is perfect for groups of 8 to 20. The smaller spool course doubles as a speedball field and strategic teambuilding course for your paintball pleasure.

Unlike most paintball areas, Ambush WV Paintball has professional referees which lead instructional sessions and ensure fair play for all participants. Our referees will teach you how to play West Virginia paintball the Hatfield and McCoy way. Other paintball games include: civil war, the presidency, capture the flag and surrender or die. Bring your family & friends, girl friends, bachelor party or come solo... we'll team you up for some 'predatory' fun! 

Min. Age Rating Trip Lengths Price  
Two-Hour Session 12 Family 2 hours $59 Book Your Trip
Half Day
12 Family 3 - 4 hours $79 Book Your Trip

Trip Details

Paint Ball TerrainAvailable as a morning, mid-afternoon or evening adventure lasting 3-4 hours. This activity includes:

  • Referee's - Our staff train, setup, and moderate games
  • A variety of 15-20 minutes games ranging from 'Civil War style' battles to the classic 'Capture the Flag'
  • Goggles
  • Paintball marker (Tippman Custom 98 guns)
  • 500 paintballs (additional supplies available)
  • Paintball belt (hold 300 paintballs for quick reloading)
Paintball release form download.

What you need to know: Paintball WV Participant's Responsibilities

  • Top-notch terrain, including two fields! Plus paintball guns, equipment and more. Perfect for weekend fun, corporate teambuilding, bachelor and birthday parties.
  • Open Year Round! Whether you live locally or are spending a week in the New River Gorge, paintball is one adventure activity you must experience.
  • Available as a morning, mid-afternoon or evening adventure lasting 3-4 hours. 
Minimum group size to play games is six (6)—we can combine small groups.

Please Learn About Ambush WV Paintball Participant's Responsibilities

What To Expect

  • After checking in and signing a release form, you will pick up your marker (paintball gun) and goggles.
  • After the referee speech on policies and procedures, our professional referee's walk the group to the course and hand each participant their paintballs. (Only Ambush WV paintballs may be used on our fields.)
  • Groups split into teams. After a final review of the rules and policies, markers are loaded and the game is on. We play more than a dozen games in three hours. (If the fields are available, you may continue to play additional games.)
  • Additional paintballs are available for purchase.
  • Between games, the referee will provide instruction and suggestions. Captains can choose new teams or you can rest and watch the fun from a safe zone.
  • At the end of the activity, a short walk leads you to the equipment building to change and return the equipment.
For more information go to Ambush WV Paintball FAQ's

Where to Meet

Ambush WV is on Ames-Heights Rd. between Adventures On the Gorge and Route 19. From Route 19, turn right off Ames-Heights Rd. (left if you're coming from Adventures On the Gorge) into the Ambush WV parking area.