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Stand Up Paddle boarding

It is important that you are in good physical condition, can swim, and make our staff aware of any medical conditions. There is no weight limit for this activity, but if you are over 200lbs let us know so we can equip you with the correct sized board.

What is SUP? SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddling.This rapidly growing sport has evolved from ocean wave surfing by putting a paddle in the participant’s hands. This helps increase mobility and balance.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding allows you a unique vantage point of the water and shore line. You will be amazed at the ease of paddling and the quick learning curve.  Most first timers say they have no balance and feel apprehensive about paddle boarding but, with our guidance, you will experience a slow paced progression allowing you time to get comfortable with the equipment and the environment! This adventure will take place on Summersville Lake in the no-wakes zones led by a SUP guide. Each trip will begin with a safety talk and on land instruction. We will provide your board, paddle, and PFD- all you need to do is come dressed appropriately and ready to go!


Wondering what to wear on your trip? We recommend board shorts, performance shirts, sunglasses with straps, sunscreen, and water shoes. This trip does go in the rain so be sure to bring a rain coat to keep you dry and warm!


SUP Minimum Age Rating Trip Length Price  
1/2 day  10 years old Family  3-4 hours  $79.00 Book Your Trip