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Boy Scout & Youth Group Adventures at the New River Gorge

Bring your boy scout troop or youth group to the mecca for adventure in West Virginia - the New River Gorge! We've got you covered with white water rafting (all levels), rock climbing, canopy tours and more that inspire teamwork, learning & confidence among youth of all ages.

scout groupWe are your professional partners for planning the best in West Virginia boy scout or youth group outdoor adventure experiences. We are experts in providing groups of youth and boy scouts well-organized and executed outdoor fun, which brings out the best in every scout. Through careful assessment of group needs and expectations, we provide a comprehensive set of adventure activities, learning opportunities, delicious meals, comfortable camp or lodge facilities and boy scout retreat support services you may require. And we promise to exceed your scout troops expectations!

Download our scout group planning guide.

Youth Group Adventures in West Virginia at the New River Gorge

Real life participation is a big reason why young people get so much out of the outdoor adventure experience. But, in the end, it’s more than that. It’s about learning and growing, sharing and meeting new friends and overcoming difficult challenges. It’s about self-discovery and life!

  • Whitewater rafting challenges young people on a different level. It brings the river to life in a way many have never known, encourages teamwork and it is in the midst of each rapid that young people find personal inner strength. You can choose from easy float trips on the New River...to more challenging sections of the The New and The Gauley Rivers.
  • Rock Climbing promotes problem solving skills and conquering self-doubt as youth see that they can climb higher or rappel off the back of a high cliff. No longer are they just kids on an amusement park ride. They are challenging the forces of nature and learning to trust their own capabilities.
The completion of each outdoor activity provides each youth with a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration that only pure adrenaline can produce. They have to prepare for it, focus their mental energy and work together as a team. These activities provide the skills needed for scouts to make ethical choices, experience a fun program full of adventure and challenges, acquire leadership skills, and to take advantage of opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge in the areas of high adventure.

Scout Adventure Programs

1. Venture Crew: Your crew will flip over our high-intensity adventure trip. And you will appreciate this unique opportunity to educate them on their natural environment, facilitate personal development and “out of the box” avenues for entertainment. In a world filled with choices, both good and bad, this influential time is perfect for introducing them to activities and hobbies that will keep them on the right path.

2. Boy Scout Trips: Talk about developing character and keeping physical fitness interesting! Your scouts will learn about who they are and a little about who they want to be when they are older. They will find some new interests that they may have never known were out there and that will keep them inspired to keep moving and shaking!

3. Mini Youth Trips: Everyone seems to be short on time these days, kids included. If you are taking another trip and pass by our Discovery Adventure Center, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to recharge for the long drive home. Join us on a quick rapid run, half-day rock climb or a half-day canopy tour. The ride will go by quickly as your recap your adventure!

Our Most Popular Scout Packages

Teams Development Course

  • Located along a gentle trail system our Teams Development Course provides groups a series of initiatives or constructed problem solving challenges, each crafted or “front loaded” specifically for an exploration of student life issues. The entire course experience is designed to meet established learning outcomes.

Canopy Tour

  • Bonding in the trees! Our Canopy zip line and Sky Bridges tour provides students the ultimate combination of thrilling heights and plunges with unparalleled environmental appreciation. Students explore the lush Mill Creek watershed via a series of zips lines and cable bridges. Teams of eight students travel through the tour together creating a shared experience of adventure, fun, and nature appreciation.

New River Rafting Trip

  • Bonding on the river! There’s nothing else that creates team bonding as naturally as a whitewater rafting trip; pitching in together to make it through each maneuver, the feeling of victory as you conquer a Class IV or V rapid, the calm serenity of the pools as you take in the amazing sites of the Gorge. These experiences bring folks together in an indescribable way.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

  • Whether your scouts are experienced in climbing or complete beginners, our guides are able to cater to your needs. They’ll walk you through the basics of necessary knots and safety equipment and teach you how to run from there.



Having the opportunity to share our area with other people is part of the joy of being a guide. Having the chance to share it with children is even better. Our guides are experts at what they do and have gone through some intensive training to get to be that way. Our program offers your scouts the chance to earn a merit badge while on an adventure trip with us.

Earn Scout Merit Badges at Class VI - Mountain River

Climbing Merit Badge

Click here for Climbing Merit Badge Details. The Climbing Merit Badge program can take place in one or two days. If you have skilled “knotters,” one day may be enough time on the rope to practice the other required skills. Your younger scouts may need the extra time with their knots before they can advance to the climbing activities. Or your scouts may just enjoy their on-belay and not want to leave the cliff!
  • Present yourself properly for belaying, climbing and rappelling.
  • Discuss safety, types of climbing and route classifications.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of proper verbal signals for climbing, rappelling and bouldering.
  • Discuss and demonstrate proper rope handling skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to tie several different knots and explain their use.
  • Correctly put on a commercially made harness or a tied harness.
  • Explain the importance of belaying and demonstrate proper belay techniques on ascending and descending climbers.
  • Demonstrate set up and rappelling techniques.

Scouts must have First Aid Badge to complete the entire Climbing Merit Badge checklist.

Whitewater Merit Badge

Click here for Whitewater Merit Badge Details. Our Whitewater Merit Badge program can take place in one or two days. For the full-experience, try our Upper/Lower New River Two-day Package. Your scouts will see the river from duckies on day one, getting a close-up view of the river. On day two, your scouts will see more aggressive rapids and more distinct river features. If you don’t have the time, you can do the crash course Lower New River package that includes the more difficult river section in full size rafts.
  • Identify and explain the use of safety equipment on the river.
  • Explain the International Scale of Difficulty and apply the scale to the stretch of river where you are. Identify special characteristics of the river that are factors in your classification.
  • Explain how to scout and read the river both while afloat and from shore.
  • Identify paddles designed for white water rafting and explain their special characteristics.
  • Discuss inflatable boats on moving water.
  • Participate in a 1-day white water rafting trip.
Scouts must have First Aid and Canoe Merit Badge to complete the entire Whitewater Merit Badge checklist.

Our troop stayed at your place this past weekend. My expectations were exceeded. Clean facilities, polite staff and most important, a fantastic river guide. Our troop is not new to rafting, having run the New 2 years ago with your company and other river experiences. Don’t take this lightly coming from me as I am a tough customer to please. We were also very impressed with the food, not just the quantity but also the quality. Hats off to the chef. Our whole experience was fantastic and I just wanted to say thank you.
Dave Munson
Levittown, PA

On behalf, of BSA Troop 316, I would like to thank Class VI for another great rafting adventure. Class VI is in a class all by itself, you were always there when I needed help and information. Our guide did a great job with our young man with MS, as did all the other guides. Our troop is already planning another whitewater outing in the future and will keep in touch. Again, thank you and the entire On the Gorge family for making our whitewater adventure a great memory.
John Dietsch
BSA Troop 316, OH