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Canyon Falls Swimming Hole

The new crown jewel of Adventures On the Gorge, Class VI-Mountain River, Rivermen and Songer Whitewater is Canyon Falls Swimming Hole! 3000 square feet of pure relaxation perched smack dab on the rim of the spectacular New River Gorge make one of the most talked-about parts of every Adventures On the Gorge vacation.

But enough yakking. We'll let these pictures speak for themselves. 

Canyon Falls Swimming Hole... can there be a more perfect place to host your wedding reception or another event?

One last little tidbit... once Canyon Falls Swimming Hole opened, we were so excited, we mounted an expedition to run kayaks over the falls. What followed was a journey so epic that even Vikings can't watch this video without sweaty palms. What's more, the first descent of Canyon Falls Swimming Hole is also the last... because it's a swimming pool... and you're just not allowed to do that.